St judge pray for a better life and money situation not be better

by Charlotte (Piqua Ohio,,United States)

St Jude pray for my kids ,,my grandkids and my mother and me that we come into lots of money somehow someway that we can get what we need and want,,and that we have a better life for now on,,and that the people we know will be back around,,like my sons father Sammy wagoner and be apart of our son chads and our three grandsons life’s and my life Charlotte ,and that be become close and Be happy for now on,,and William Cooley to stay around my daughter and her two kids and stay with them also forever and for him to help my daughter they have a 7 year old daughter and stacy my daughter has a 5 month old baby boy from another guy,,but William cooleys been there with my daughter even when she was pregnate and had the baby and still there,,i need prayer that William will stay with. My daughter and my two kids now and foreve,,I need prayer that. wE be safe and protected from all the bad and Evelin in this world ,,thankmyouDear St jude

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