St. Jude you are like a dear friend to me. I pray to you all the time

by S-Jane ()

St. Jude, I come to you broken hearted over this man who is so cold to me that I’ve hung out with a few times. I look at him with love in my eyes because I love him. Please help me to break through that coldness. I fell in love with him but I didn’t mean to. I have never loved a man so quickly like this. I want to be with him for the rest of my life. I’m sure you brought him to me because he came to me after praying to you. But a few things happened and we have not been able to get this relationship together. Praying, wirh all my heart, that you will grant the miracle of love between me and this man I adore so much. Let me hear that sweet, beautiful voice that I adore so much today and let me hear from him every day. He is my heart. Please don’t let him break it like he has over and over because of his game playing and coldness. Please, I’m pleading with you St. Jude let me walk with him today and every day. Show me there is hope and show me he loves me. Show me that he loves me today and every day. I can’t break through to him without you. I need you St. Jude, please saint of the impossible, bring he and I together today and every day for life. St. Jude i need you to break through the coldness in him and let him stop playing games with me. Please let him be a man and come to me and tell me how he feels, talk to me, come to me if he sees me and not hide like a child. This is not infatuation. This is pure love. Help me St.Jude to bring this relationship together. I know he has feelings for me, please let him love me. I love this man with all my heart. I promise you St. Jude as long as he is good to me and loves me, I will never hurt him. I will never cheat on him. I will marry him and I will absolutely never ask you for another man because I will never let him go.

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