St. Jude. This not a prayer, but a Thank you

by A. T. (Los Angeles, California.)

St. Jude, I just want to thank you so much. I said thank you AGAIN for all your help in the past and said I know you’d be here to help again. I bought and lit a St. Jude candle about 4 days ago, said said your prayer fervently. I asked you for help with finances, food, to pay my bills and you HEARD me. I was just called and told I won a $200 Food Gift certificate. OH MY God! That will last me/my sister a GOOD long time.

I can take some of the money I’d have spent for food and put it towards other bills/rent. Catch things up better. St. Jude, I know I said you always come through for me and petition TO Our Lord for me, But this money for food coming which opens up the way for me to put money towards other things, and to maybe save a few bucks. St. Jude. St. Jude. St. Jude. I LOVE YOU and of course OUR LORD. Dear God Thank You! If anyone can read this, PLEASE never doubt in the power of belief and prayer.

St. Jude (along with several other prayers to particular saints) has been my most TRUSTED Saint or my GO-TO saint that I have prayed to for help and things I truly needed. Not only has St. Jude petitioned to Our Lord for me, but he has been a source ALWAYS for inspiration and for strength. I pray to St. Jude for EVERYTHING! Praise the Lord AMEN!!!!

Again St. Jude. THANK YOU! You did it yet AGAIN!

Lovingly and Always yours

Los Angeles, California.

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