St Jude Thanks for everything!

by AW. (L.A.)

St. Jude, me and sister made it back home from her doctor appointment. My Car ran good. I thank you so much for that. I ask that my car keep running. I’m saving up the monies to get it fixed, hopefully in the next week or so. I thank you for sending monies for me/my sister to eat nutritious meals when I see SO many without enough to eat. I thank you for helping me keep my bills/rent paid, and food in the house. I thank you St. Jude for sending monies my way. As I say to you always, I keep my heart positive and open for anything you send my way monetarily and blessings too. St. Jude, you are my “go to” saint, always there for me. I don’t every take your presence in my life for granted. Never. I say to anyone who may read my prayer, St. Jude has almost never not heard a prayer I’ve prayed to Him. PLEASE know St. Jude WILL hear you and help you if you’re filled with faith, and belief in Him. At this time, I am lighting yet another St. Jude candle to you in your honor. I thank you for everything St. Jude. For helping me to make it and to survive in this tough world we live in. I pray for ALL who REALLY need and seek your help too.

Amen and Amen, and in Jesus name.