St. Jude Thanks for everything. I truly mean that too!

by AW. (USA)

St. Jude. thank you for everything. I thank you for life and me being here. I thank you for the financial success and ask that it continues so I can pay rent/bills/for food and other necessities. I ask that somehow a car comes to me, as mine was stolen. I don’t hate anyone. I give full power to you to petition for me to get a replacement car. My heart is too open receiving the goodness and other blessings you pray for and that I receive. I ask that my payslip is processed quickly and returns to me quickly, that our union contract is in us workers favor. That I may also spend wisely. I also as that my brother’s taxes NOT bee too high and he catches a break with the news he hears today from the person doing his taxes. I pray that M. contacts me soon and we have an in-depth discussion about life, love, companionship–be it phone or in other ways. Just let my M. contact me soon. Take our relationship to the NEXT level–to love and romance, togetherness then marriage. I pray for patience faith while waiting ON my M. to contact me. pray for new mattresses for myself and my sister. Pray for my computer, and for all things to run smoothly around the house. Keep all peaceful and cooperating who I ask to be so (landlord etc). I pray for my family/friends to stay healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. Pray for my niece, great niece, nephews and other family members who have departed. St. Jude HELP me keep my spirits positive and keep my environment around me peaceful and positive also. I ask that ALL that I pray for is heard by you. It usually IS St. Jude. I will never stop pray to you and giving you all praise as my favorite patron, and for anyone who reads this, PRAY to St. Jude HE hears you! Just have patience, faith and belief. Thank you for all that has come to me, and Thank you for ALL future prayers answered as well. I ask for forgiveness for all things big and small I’ve done. My heart is open and waiting to receive all blessings St. Jude. I light a candle in YOUR honor and to say thank you for everything! I love you and Our Lord who gave you all power to preform precious miracles for us down here on Earth. Bless ALL who pray to you and bless all that seek your help if they are truly are believing in you with their faith.

Thank you St. Jude You’re awesome!

Amen and Amen