St. Jude Thanks, and I KNOW more goodness is comng!

St. Jude, thank you for being here for me. I ask that all I pray for continues to go well. I have my heart open to receive, and I ask that ANY monies that belong to me in this universe come to me. I know something went wrong after my Mother died in 2006 and that monies belonging to me are out there. Let the person trying to find me find, so I can get these funds. I ask that I keep my job and keep getting a paycheck and that ANY financial increase continues. I ask that you continue seeing that I can keep my rent/bills paid, and continue to buy food too. I ask for mattress money come so I can buy me and my sister both good mattresses. These we are sleeping on are horrible and hurt our backs. I ask that my trusty computer keeps running as all the electrical appliances in my apartment also keep running. I ask that a car come my way too. Doesn’t have to be new–but good and steady and running as you know my car was stolen during Christmastime. I ask that the situation in my apartment be calm–my sister is hard to live with–so keep HER calm and not so nasty and mean. I ask that you help me remain patient until such time as I can move. I ask that you give me strength to continue caring for my sister whose difficult and not well mentally and physically–keep HER mind as clear as you can St. Jude. I ask for improvement in MY health/weight issues. St. Jude, you’ve helped me So many times and I KNOW you’ll come through again.

You are an excellent patron Saint, and to ANYONE with problems pray to God first then to St. Jude–He will help you! He has helped me. Believe me, MANY of my problems looked HOPELESS, but St. Jude came through. Just hang in there with prayer, faith and patience. You will get the help you need. St. Jude, I pray for ALL things to keep going good for me and better than good. Give me a peaceful soul, mind, heart and PATIENCE to wait on all GREAT things coming my way NOW and throughout the rest of 2012 and beyond!

I light a St. Jude candle in your honor St. Jude to say thanks and to let you know I love You and of course OUR GOD for helping me! Help all those who pray to you as well! God bless us One and ALL and for our prayers to be answered.

Amen and Amen!

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  1. My Relationship

    Dear St. Jude,give me strength and guidance to move forward in my difficult time. Please help me to use the pain I went through for something good. Please God help me so I can find good people that will help me to get out of this difficult time. Also, I pray please restore back my relationship with my boyfriend. I love him so much & please St Jude, make our relationship more stronger then before. Also, I hope he can call me soon …amen!

  2. Saint Jude please help with my urgent request

    Saint Jude you truly are an Amazing saint and you have helped me so much in my requests throughout my life. Please answer my particular request which I pray to you for now. I promise to continue to spread devotion to you.

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