St. Jude pray for me

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St. Jude you brought me my fiance years ago who gave me a beautful life. I thank you from my heart. The relationship and the years I had with him remain on my mind to this day. I had a storybook like life with this man. I made a mistake and didn’t marry him. I know that was a big mistake. I never got over the mistake I made because i feel it can also be seen as being ungrateful which I am not. The man I met after him practically destroyed my whole life and is still to this day trying to destroy the rest of my life. He will not leave me alone and took so much from my life. He wants me alone. He was a big mistake. So St. Jude, I beg you to hear my prayers once again, to know I was very grateful for Your hearing my prayers and answering them, for pleading and praying for me, for God’s favor over my life as well. Please pray for me St. Jude as I have made mistakes. I’m asking you for your prayers again, for God’s favor over my life and to pray for me for forgiveness for not being more grateful. I’m so sorry I took that for granted.

Here is my prayer again.

St. Jude, years ago you brought me my ex-fiance. I never forgot that. Please bring me someone who is good to me like he was, who I love like I loved him, and who loves me as much or more than he did. This time I will not take it for granted. I beg for God’s favor over my life once again. Please plead for me once again. I’ve become tired of being alone like my cruel ex and some others want me to be. Thank you St. Jude.

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