St. Jude Please Put This Relationship Together For Life With The Man I Love So Much

by S-J ()

St. Jude please hear my prayers.
St. Jude, please bring the man I love and me together, but let him really love me with all of his heart, even more than the man you brought me so long ago. I know that kind of love usually happens once in a lifetime. But, I feel that kind of love again for the man that I love. Make our love even more beautiful, stronger, unbreakable and intense . I’ve tried to get over him because he’s a gameplayer. I can’t because I really love him. Please let him stop being a gameplayer with me. Let our love be even sweeter, stronger, more intense than the love I shared with my ex, but let our love last a lifetime. Let him understand me and miss me when he doesn’t see me. Make him proud of me and protective of me. Let him be good to me St. Jude and happy I’m with him. He has my heart in his hands. Please don’t let him break it again. Please let him be a real man and show his feelings for me, call me alot, pay attention to me and love me. Please let him wake up and let him see what he almost lost if I had walked away. Let him see that. Let this relationship last a lifetime. Plead for me please for God’s favor on my life once again and for the rest of my life. Plead for me for God’s favor on my relationship with him. I fell in love with this man and I want to be his wife. Please let me be happy again in my life. I’m happy when I’m with him. Please bring him to me for life. Thank you St. Jude.

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