St Jude please keep me out of jail

by Ciara Lynch (Longwood, Florida, United States.)

Dear Saint Jude,

I am being told on some sites to pray to for nine hours for nine days or for nine days, I began my nine days tonight. I prayed many other prayers along with it. I want you to know I have complete faith in you answering my prayers. I encourage others to pray to as well.

I have two driving on suspended license. I am currently pregnant, as you know, and trying to finish school to provide the best life for my little baby. I am currently facing the possibility of thirty days in jail. My attorney has not been able to talk to the state attorney yet to try and work out deal. I know I need to pay my consequences for these two things. However, I am asking that it will be done through probation, fines, or community service or all three. I am terrified to have be pregnant in jail for the safety of my baby.

I am thankful for the support that you and our heavenly have enabled to give me. This why I know that you a long with any you may call to help with will come help me as well.

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