St. Jude, Please help me get the dream job I desire.

by Michele (Bayside, NY)

St. Jude,

I have been out of work for so long since losing my job. Recently, I have seen my dream job and applied to it. I have heard from the Human Resource people, but it’s been such a long time now and they still have not called me back in for a real interview. want deeply desire this job and pray to work again and feel content in my daily routine. I have dreamed about this particular job for many years and believe it is perfect for me. I pray to you and ask others to pray for me, with all my heart and soul that this job will call me in soon for an interview and that I am hired as soon as possible. This is my deepest joy and I pray that this dream comes true for me with harm to none and for the highest possible good for all! Please St. Jude, even though, it seems that this job possibility is impossible I know that the power of God can make what seems impossible in the natural world possible! I am grateful to you for helping me make this dream possible.

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  1. My Son has a Gamble Problem

    To My St.Jude ;Please help my son i feel he has a gambling problem ;he just brought a car& his Bank acount has been over drawn his an able to keep up with his bills ;St Jude this is also bringing a lot of Strain & presure on his family;Please guild him to pay of his debt & keep his car sort out his marriage& live happly with his wife & children ;PLease guild him to his Dream job ;that his been dreaming for many years ;Ias a Mother am very concernnthat he would be able to have a very stable income & a Stable happy home ;Thank you Saint Jude for answer our prays

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