St. Jude Please continue to hear ALL of my prayers. Amen and Amen~


St. Jude, first of all I HUMBLY ask for forgiveness for all wrongs done and to be a better person always. I thank you for all the blessings I’ve gotten since I last prayed to you. Monetary help, and other help IS continuing to come in from my older brother–THANK YOU!

Also, You know my heart will continue to be WIDE open as it’s the final month of this year, December 2012, and I thank you for this years monetary blessings, and for 2013’s blessing & graces as well. Let money continue to flow from all sources going into 2013, like it’s continued to from my brother who I’m thankful to for all his help and love. Let me be one of the ones who wins a gift certificate in the entry from V. in February 2013. I could surely use that gift certificate, as it would greatly ease my cash burden because I’d not have to use the money for food. Let the email come to me in Feb. telling me I’ve won. I could buy more necessities that I need if I’m one of the winners. St. Jude, as you know My niece/sister have looked over the offer for mineral/gas rights in which I’ve chosen to share with them evenly. Let all with what we’ve talked about with the gas/mineral offer finish up SOON. I need the funds desperately. PLEASE let the option I’m to choose be the BEST one. If any negotiation for funds upward can happen St. Jude, let it, or if any other BETTER offers come forward, let them.

ALSO somehow, please allow my sister and our whole family to re-connect & bond together going into 2013. Again St. Jude let this or any offer be the safe/best one and PLEASE keep my family and my sisters family growing closer and have her trust me. I’ve no clue as to why she doesn’t. Open her heart & clear her MIND towards me St.Jude. I ask that P. has physical/emotional healing and that she calms down mentally/emotionally. Heal her now, please from what ails her in all ways physically & mentally St. Jude, I ask that monies that belong to me that’s owed, comes to me from wherever. My heart is OPEN to receive this monetary assist/blessing. I ask that the letter about my mortgage yields me a good amount of monies. Thank You for that letter received St. Jude. Let the rebate be thousands and early in January 2013. I ask also That all with SSI works out perfectly with my sister, and for me to be able to get a favorable reschedule for Jan. 2013 or whenever they re-schedule her, and that she does solidly in the interview. Please KEEP her check arriving monthly–no cuts–and that good favor will be in the return letter which will KEEP her receiving all benefits, because as you know St. Jude, my sister IS very disabled, and needs assistance.

I ask that ALL all correspondence/letters continue to come in a timely manner and that I’m able to get around to do the things I NEED to, as you know St. Jude my car was stolen, please find way to replace it for me when the right time comes. Also, send a car to my friend Bev. too. She needs one desperately. I ask for ANY and all debt I owe that I know about and don’t know about to disappear going into 2013, and that any debt I do owe not be that much to anyone. I ask for all business/tax dealings to be positive that I may come across now and into 2013. I Ask for a new bed first for my sister then for me soon as possible. I ask that my sister starts to sleep peacefully at night. I ask that I’m able to continue paying all bills, rent on time, and for food & necessities. I ask that my brother is blessed too, as he’s helping me/my sister out and that he does NOT get too involved with asking me to go back to college or brings any of that up. Take his mind off that please as I don’t want to hear it. Bless us in this dwelling. Keep us safe and keep all things running/working here such as phone, computer, refrigerator and Television. That all rent payments be mailed and received to the land lord safely/quickly. St. Jude. KEEP our landlord very, very cooperative and understanding towards me and my sister and allow us to pay rent on TIME starting in 2013 with monies I ask to come my way. PLEASE allow her request to the water company that the water bill be dismissed all together, or so LOW it can be paid in a very short amount of time. I don’t want to pay that extra bill St. Jude. because can’t afford it.

Let the Water Co. tell her that her request WAS accepted concerning the water bill. I ask that you allow for M. to be back in S. then to contact me soon as possible so we can catch up and talk, and that our communications/love GROWS steadily, that he can come over and see me in 2013, and that I stay positive & patient, and have a peace of mind concerning M. as I have to know that the increase in contact from him IS coming right now and is HERE. St. Jude, Bring him into my life now, as I’m feeling lonely without him and missing him terribly. May he feel the same about me as I do about him. Put an urgency into him to contact me, please. I pray for my family to have their health, and especially for my sister’s hip Bursitis/Bursa Sac/back/legs to feel better now as She’s in much pain physically/mentally. HEAL her in ALL WAYS. I ask that both our health/weight issues improve in all ways. I pray for my family/friends, nieces, nephews especially D.

I pray for my friend Dan, Bev., and for Bev’s situation to stay CALM & stable mentally/emotionally and physically! Keep her and family safe! I pray for wisdom, courage, more faith and strength and patience in all things. Improve my circumstances so I can move on and have a life of my own. I ask that ALL who may read my prayer KNOW from me that St. Jude is an awesome Saint who DELIVERS, and who hears/loves us, and who talks to Our Lord for US. I know you will not disappoint me St. Jude and that you will CONTINUE to relay anything I ask for TO Our Lord, so ALL the blessings that are mine KEEP coming. I light a Beautiful green St. Jude candle to say THANK you also to Our Lord who makes ALL possible. St. Jude, you’re AWESOME, and you’ll always be the Saint I go to when I need immediate help, and when things look as if they cannot be solved/helped. Again To ANYONE who can read this prayer, PLEASE know that IF you BELIEVE, St. Jude can work miracles in your life too. Small sums of Money is coming to me where I never expected, and I really needed it at those times for bills, food other necessities. I know a car and love with M. and everything I pray for is coming or is already HERE. St. Jude, thank you for almost always hearing my prayers and for answering most of them, and the ones that haven’t been answered YET, are merely having the ground work laid for them so that they will be answered at the RIGHT time. St Jude, You’re a loving, wonderful and all-knowing Patron Saint. YOUR love knows no bounds or barriers.

St. Jude you almost always come through for me, and have for a long time now. Also, bless our POTUS and bless our world. In Jesus name, bless him and family and please give him wisdom to be strong for the next 4 years. Bless all at this site who pray for their prayers too. Let this month of December be a positive one, and give me peace, strength and courage to face anything in my life. I love you St. Jude and again, THANK YOU for everything!

Amen and Amen~

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