St. Jude, Please continue sending the funds that I need.

by A. T. (California.)

St. Jude. You’ve come up big over and over for me. I THANK YOU. Please petition for me to Our Lord. I ask that funds keep coming in so I can pay my rent, bills keep gas in my tank and keep food. Keep my car and computer running and me and my sister healthy.

I ask that you help me spend WISELY and not waste money. I ask that you please watch over all my purchases and such. Me and my sister need new beds and things for our home. HELP me save for these things so I can purchase them for us. Send any deals for these items our way. St. Jude you ARE my special “Go To” saint and always here for me. Thank you St. Jude for everything and for the blessings financially yet to come. I also send a thank you out to my brother for helping me as well. Bless him St. Jude, for he has helped me out of a huge mess. Bless me, my sister all of our family members, friends and all those here praying to YOU St. Jude. You are our “Go To” saint!

Amen and Amen.

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