St Jude Please Come to my assistance

by Janet (Plymouth, WI, USA)

St Jude:

I pray daily to you and ask that you please come to my assistance and remove this financial stress we are under,
I thank you for what you have provided and guided us to, but we are just in a place of despair.

We need money each month to pay our rent, bills and medical and it is not there. I worry every minute of the day and need your help along with God and all the saints in heaven.

I do not see a way out and there is nothing left to lose but our lives. You were granted the ability to help those in a speedy and visible way, and I ask that you please help us to get free of our stress and tribulations. We are helpless and hopeless and ask you to come to our aide.

We ask daily for your help and guidance. We would like to finally be debt free and have money to fall back on in case of emergencies and not worry about losing our car, able to pay rent on time each month, pay insurance, have enough for food, take care of our cats properly, just all financial woes. Have some money each month left over for just because.

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