St Jude please bring my Pabitra back in my life as my husband

by Sona (India)

I pray to St Jude to bring my Pabitra back to my life.Though we are not married socially,yet he has married me secretly before the Almighty.Give my Pabitra courage to proudly accept me as his wife before the society.The situation has become so worse that we need a miracle to be together.Please dear St Jude hear my prayer and remove all obstacles between my union with Pabitra. Have mercy on me,help me so that the situation becomes favourable for both of us.

I beg before you to bring my Pabitra back in my life.Give him strength such that he can hold my hand forever declaring that I am his wife.Please help us to be recognized as husband and wife socially.I love him very much and I cannot bear the pains of staying away from him.I pray that through your divine miracle he will accept me as his legal wife and I will become proud mother of his children soon.Please,give me back my Pabitra. I wish to stay with him under the same roof happily as his darling wife forever.Amen.

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