St Jude, my family and I need your help on a variety of pleas.

by Timothy (NY)

Dear St.Jude please pray over me and my family. I was left unemployed in February 2015, due to a situation that was my fault. My unemployment was just denied,leaving us with no other money other than my wife’s paycheck. We are in danger of losing our home,I have applied to several places,waiting to hear back on a couple of opportunities. I have disappointed my wife,family,friends,and former coworkers. I am severely depressed with my life right now,and don’t know where to turn? I am also facing a court case. St Jude, I know I am asking for a lot,but I need your help. Please pull me from the darkness,and help me get my life back in order. I feel like I am the largest failure right now and that it may be too late to fix everything I destroyed. Please St Jude help me…..

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