St. Jude, I still need your help.

by Trish (USA)

Dear St. Jude,

My life was falling down around me. It seemed as if all was lost. I lost my job and money was a great concern. My back and neck pain was getting worse. My daughter lost her job and I had problems with my car. But worst was the death of my Mother. It almost became too much for me. I prayed and some things are looking up

Thank you St Jude for answering my prayers about a job. Please, let it work out and help me do a good job.

Please heal my back and neck so I’ll be able to work without pain.

And please help me get enough money to move and put some money away for retirement. I ask that, in order for me to get money, that no one is hurt in any way.

In time of need my mother always told me to pray to St. Jude. Please St. Jude, help me.