St Jude Helped me find my Lost Flawless Diamond

by Darlene Crawford (Moreno Valley, CA)

I was only engaged a few months when I lost the diamond in my engagement ring. The diamond was a little over a ct, but was nearly flawless with only four prongs holding it in. I was doing the laundry one morning about 7:30 sorting the cloths into different loads and went about doing other my other household chores, cleaning sinks, toilets vacuuming.etc. About lunchtime as I was doing a few dishes by hand and while drying a pan I noticed that my ring got snagged on the dishtowel. When a looked to see if it had bent a prong on my diamond I FREAKED OUT. I tore the house up-side down looking every where possible without any luck. Sobbing, I reluctantly called my not-yet husband at the time at his work, and he could barely understand me on the phone. I could here his frustration in his voice as he asked me did you look in this or in that and……Again, I backtracked everywhere that I had been and what I had been doing about 5 times more, sobbing the tears had now swollen my eyes and blurred my vision but I continued crawling around on my hands and knees as I brushed and combed the carpeting and tile floors with my hands. Suddenly the phone rang and it was my MOM in Butler, PA. (we talked several times a day) when I answered the phone and sobbing explained what had happened…she immediately told me to say a prayer to St. Jude, you’ll find your diamond. I remember hanging up thinking I don’t have the time to look for my prayer card, I need to be looking for my diamond….but I did. I got my St. Jude Prayer out , knelt at the side of my bed , my hands folded in prayer and said the prayer. I said the prayer 3 times, just to make sure St. Jude heard me (just in case he was busy answering some other helpless soles cries)When I was done praying, I got up and threw some water on my face to try to make my swollen eyes not so puffy. I remember patting my face dry when suddenly something ,some strange power or so came over me, I snapped right out of all crying and it was as if I was being led by the hand right to my laundry room. When I opened up the louver doors something told me to move the file boxes away from the wall and lift up the dust mop that was propped up against the washing machine…when I bent over and spun the mop head around…there was my diamond! Just sitting there sparkling within in the yarns of that dirty old wonderful wonderful dust mop! THANK YOU, ST. JUDE!!!. ,

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