St Jude help our request for our granddaughter

by Grand Ma In Texas (Texas)

St Jude help our request for our granddaughter you know our journey is sshe is a child her only request to live with her Daddy her struggles are daily although the things she placed to be in and see might make her stronger one day now she needs to be placed yo grow as all children should loved comforted and care for.

She simply wants to be a child and wonders why she has to be expose to bad things by her mother .please bring her home safely if it is Gods plan we are waiting for his Blessing no matter the outcome we will Honor Him And Praise him but our hope is he placed her home with Daddy..

she is sad it breaks our hearts that any child go through all that .God Bless their innocence end Abuse mentally a and physically help those we turn to for justice .and really listen to the outcries .

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