St Jude help me with my sons drug addiction

by Gloria (Pasadena Texas)

St Jude I pray for my son julian that you will help him with his drug addiction and find his faith in God. I pray that God stand by his side on his court day on tues I place my son julian in God’s hands he is not a bad boy he just needs God in his life I pray that you help me answer all his questions he has about God. I pray that he realizes his baby girl needs him

To over come his drug addiction. Help me help julian find an affordable lawyer for Tuesday court date help julian find a good job so he may provide for his family I pray for all the parents out there who are going through the same gives us strenght to help our children I know deep down inside we were not given these children to see them suffer I place my julian in your hands God I know he not a hopeless young man he has a propose in life help him find it in Jesus name I pray for my son and all those in neeed of your help amen

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