St. Jude Help me in my financial Desperation

by Terri (Boston)

St. Jude I ask you to help me in this time of financial desperation. I have not a penny to provide food for me and my son. I cannot even drive to work or get there because I haven’t a cent. I have done the wrong thing managing my money and therefore have caused pain and suffering upon my child, who does not deserve this. Please come to my aid fast for I am at my darkest hour. Thank you St. Jude.

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  1. Saint Jude pray for me

    You are the saint who helps desperate and hopeless people.

    I need to pay my debts. I have borrowed too much and have no way to pay it back to those I owe. I need you to ask Jesus to show me the way out of this mess, never to take on debt again, and to help others get out of their mess with debt. This debt is sucking everything out of me. I’m tired and worried and hopeless. I need

    intervention. Thank you for helping me find the way. thank you for teaching me not to make the same mistakes again. Thank you for allowing me to help others. Thank you for praying for me.

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