St Jude help her open her heart to me and want a relationship with me

by Shelia (NC)

St Jude, please heal and repair me and Amanda’s relationship. Please remove and protect our relationship from all negativity/outside negative influences. Help remove all selfishness, lies, pride, and stubbornness. St Jude, continue to open the lines of open and honest communication between us. Help Amanda realize the error of her ways to do what’s necessary to repair our relationship. And have her keep all her promises to me. Fill Amanda’s heart with love, trust, attraction, and honesty for me. St. Jude please change her heart and allow her to see And feel that I am the woman she truly loves and will be the one to love her and her daughter. Take away all her past pain and doubts and allow her to commit to me in a relationship and believe that I will always do what is best for her and J. St Jude help her to turn away from dating sites, bars, drinking and other women. Let her believe in us. I believe in you, I pray your intercession. Amen.

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