St. Jude Answered My Prayer’s: Could Not Be More Grateful…

by Dylan (Libertyville, IL 60048)

St. Jude,

Going into this weekend, I was wrought with stress, anxiety and fear over nuances associated with my romantic relationship with the love of my life.
Reaching out to St. Jude, I pleaded with you to work with God to assist me in resolving my concerns. Not only did St. Jude hear my prayer’s, St. Jude lovingly provided love, kindness, and assistance during some truly difficult moments in my life.

St. Jude, I love you and want you to know how much I appreciate and cherish our relationship. Some day, when my journey here on this earthly plane has concluded, I look forward to meeting you and interacting with you on another level. Unless I can achieve that level here or through prayer and meditation.

Thank you & so much gratitude for collaborating with my loving guardian angels who are also present and transcend our earthly plane.

May God Bless you, St. Jude for all that you do for children, adults, the elderly, animals, and other loving entities. We all love and appreciate you.
St. Jude, you represent all that is good and for that, I’ll always appreciate you. You give hope to the hopeless and are instrumental in providing unconditional al love, without judgement and with complete compassion to all who request it.

Thanks again for being such an instrumental part of our lives and may Hilary and I one day wed in your honor.