St. Jude and Our Heavenly Father, please help us..

by Pat (Florida)

Our family is facing such hard struggles financially. We are about to lose everything. Our business, a home, our vehicle. we will have nothing left. Our children are in need of so much and we are pushed to the limits in supporting our children.

I know along the way we have disappointed you and things have spiraled out of control. Due to the burden of this financial mess, it is wearing our on health. I fear for my husbands health, for my mental well being. I feel as i can no longer breath, but just gasping for air.

Please God and St Jude grant us a miracle to ease our pain and suffering of such financial distress. Please grant us a chance of redeeming ourselves in your eyes and the eyes of our children.

I need your strength and love to help us get through this very trying time. Grant us this miracle so we can make you and our children proud once again.

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