To have our Offer accepted in buying our new home

I pray to you in hopes of having our offer accepted to buy our first new home that will be blessed with three children and lots of love and happiness, along with making memories in this home we have waited so long to find. Amen

Pray so Sons Home sells this week

Please pray that my sons home sells this week. He and his family have moved to another state with a new job and needs his home to sell . Thank You.

Prayer to sell our farm

Please pray for our family that we may find a buyer for our family farm, that we have the strength to find our way and that our family stay close together through this transition. Thank you God for the family I have, our health and well being. Amen

Sell of a home

Please pray that my friend’s home that he built in Houston sells soon to alleviate financial stressors that are increasing.

Praying for Loan Approval

Praying for my daughter’s home loan to be approved in a speedy and smooth manner. The seller has accepted the offer and now she just needs for her loan to be approved in order to close. Please pray that this all happens on or before September 11, 2019.

Prayer for favorable home appraisal

St. Joseph, I pray for my daughter’s home appraisal to come back favorably so that her home loan is approved and she can close on her first home purchase in the next couple of weeks. Amen

Praying for smooth and speedy transactions

Praying for smooth and speedy transactions with home sales. I am a broker and this is my livelihood. Please help all parties involved come to agreeable compromises that benefit both sides. St. Joseph please pray for me and my clients.

Prayer for favorable home appraisal

Dear St. Joseph, Please let my daughter’s home appraisal come back favorably for her to be able to have the loan approved and close on the house soon. Amen

Selling my son’s home

St Joseph please help my son and his wife get the paperwork and closing date on his house he is selling ASAP. Something went wrong on the buyers side and now they are in limbo. He is stressing out and it’s affecting his heart. Please help him🙏🏻🙏🏻

Home Sale

Please pray for my home to sell soon. It has been a very difficult time and the house needs to sell for my family to move forward.

Exam result

I ask in the name and blood of Jesus to pray for me please that I have passed the exam that I wrote on July.30.2019. That a miracle is given because I did not feel confident when I left the exam.

Praying for Loan Approval

Dearest St Joseph, Please allow my daughter’s home loan and appraisal to all work out in her favor so that she can close on the house she chosen. Please let the process move smoothly and promptly. Amen

Help to get a house

Please sleeping Joseph help me in my need of a house and my baby to be born healthy and my husband get good news thank you.

Loan approval

Dearest St Joseph please let my daughter and her fiancés first home loan be approved. Please let the process proceed quickly and smoothly so that they may move into their new home soon. St Joseph please grant my request. Amen

Nick and Mandi’s house in Colorado

My there house sell now. God you know he is serving his country and a good family man please sell their house now In Gods Name and St Joseph. May my will be done.

Prayer to sell my home

Dear St. Joseph and anyone else who can hear my prayer. We desperately need to sell our home to make a move to MA for my job and my husbands job. Please help bring us a buyer quickly and you will be honored in our nee home. Amen!

Send me a good buyer

Saint Joseph please help my daughter as you help others sell her house please send her a good buyer as quickly as you can . she needs it now so she can move back to her home town… in Jesus name.

Praying for Loan Approval

Dear St. Joseph please allow my daughter’s home loan for her first home purchase be approved by the loan officers. Please let them move swiftly through the process as her offer has been accepted by the seller. Please let the appraisal come back in her favor as well.

Sell My House

Please pray for my house in RVC to sell immediately this summer, 2019. It is imperative that it is sold now, with the help of God, in Jesus’s name. Please pray for me to be released from worry and anxiety about this and to trust Almighty God. Thank you Dear God, Prayer Warriors and St. … Continue reading “Sell My House”

Trying to close on a home

I am under contract on a rehabbed home my closing has been delayed 3 times because the sellers keep cancelling the appraisal. I love this house my kids love this house the sellers keep having problems with their contractors please pray with me that it’s a smooth transition from here on out that me and … Continue reading “Trying to close on a home”

Sell House ASAP

Seeking prayers to sell our home ASAP. Have used at Joseph’s burial and prayers but need more help! Thanks in advance for praying for a good offer, a speedy and easy sale and closing, and one the closes in time for us to use the money to close on our new home. Oh the stress! … Continue reading “Sell House ASAP”

Thank you St. Joseph

Thank you St. Joseph for answering my prayers and for watching over my family and I. Please continue to inspire and guide me. I look to you as my role model as a husband, a step-father, a self-employed businessman who had to provide for his family and who was subject to fatigue, and temptation. What … Continue reading “Thank you St. Joseph”

Prayer of house selling

Dear Lord I ask for your assistance in the selling of my home. I call upon and ask the guidance of St Joseph to assist in the swift selling,at a reasonable price of my home. Please hear my plea and bring a buyer. In Jesus’s name, Amen

House sale

Please pray for my husband and myself that we will have an acceptable home inspection report from our buyer and successfully closing on or near our scheduled closing. Bless us on our relocation and the new owners in their life in our home. Amen

Prayer to sell my house

Please help me pray to St. Joseph that our house will be sold soon as we are having financial difficulty paying for the mortgage. My family loves this house so much but we just have to let it go to help us have peace of mind and move on for better opportunities. God Bless!

House Sale

St Joseph ,I ask you to oversee and bless the sale of my neighbors house ,Amen

Please help

Please St. Joseph bring us a buyer for our home. We have been trying for so long and we desperately need your help. Please bring us a buyer who is fair and wants to move quickly.

The Prayer to St Joseph

Prayers to St. Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus, date back almost as far as 50 A.D.! Even though he came from King David’s noble ancestry, St. Joseph lived a life of great humility and adoration to his Holy Family as a carpenter. Matthew’s gospel characterizes him as a “just man” (1:19). He is the patron … Continue reading “The Prayer to St Joseph”

Prayer to find a home to live in

I pray that my family and I find a loving home to live in. May it be filled with love for each other and for God. I pray that we find the perfect home quickly. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Prayer to sell my car

Dear God Heavenly Father, please hear my prayer and thank you for hearing my prayer. Please dear God help me sell my car for the asking price so I could pay off my car loan with the bank to be debt free. I help my family a lot financially and much rather continue to help … Continue reading “Prayer to sell my car”

Prayer for finding good tenants for vacant rental

Dear Saint Joseph we request your divine help to help us fill our vacant rental houses with good tenants. That are qualified, able to afford and pay rent, and take care of the property. We are asking for a good family be presented to us for the vacant rental houses we have. Thank you