Joseph: Please help us find support and cooperation

Dear St.Joseph: Please help us find support and cooperation and make all home repairs necessary for a healthy home. I ask this in The Name of Jesus Christ and will be forever grateful for your intercession. Amen.

I pray for guidance to finding my new home

I pray for guidance to finding my new home. Help me make the right decision and that things go smoothly with little stress. I also pray for health and love. Thank you Lord for everything’

Know where God wants our family to live.

Lord, please enlighten me and direct me so that I may may know whether to relocate my family to another city. St. Joseph, leader of the blessed family. Pray for me.

St. Joseph Help Me Find an Apartment

Dear St. Joseph, Please help me find a good 1 bedroom apartment in Goleta, Santa Barbara, or another area of California. I need to find in in the beginning of January. Amen.

Please give me and my partner peace

Please give me and my partner peace. Please let us be able to leave the past behind and move forward together. Please let us keep the love we have and lose the darkness and the pain. I’m asking this desperately. Please help

Please do not let me lose my job

Dear St. Joseph, please help me to stay employed. I really like my current job and do not want to lose it. I appreciate everything youve done for me thus far. Amen

Prayer for a new home

St. Joseph, I am grateful for the home now I have, but I can never be happy is very noisy & in the city..I long for a peaceful , quiet, simple, older rural home in VA near mountains.I implore you to help me make my dream come life is almost over at 56 … Continue reading “Prayer for a new home”

St Joseph Novena Day 1

Dear St Joseph. I pray for Joel and the hope for him to become well, physically and mentally. Dear St Joseph, please help Joel become well, happy and self-sufficient. He has worked hard and his mental health issues have made is life difficult. I pray for Tim, please help him to be well-prepared for his … Continue reading “St Joseph Novena Day 1”

Please Pray for Sunny

Dear Ones, Please Pray for Sunny. Pray for complete healing from any and all illiness he has cushing’s disease and maybe heart problems. That he has no more attacks of any kind. Please pray that he has no pain or suffering and that he is completely healed in body,mind and spirit and God also helps … Continue reading “Please Pray for Sunny”