St Joseph ‘s Intercession to our Lord Jesus Christ for healing

by Delia (Grand Prairie Texas)

Dear St. Joseph

I would like to ask, if out of the goodness of your heart, if you would intercede for me to our Lord Jesus for his blessing and grace for compassion with my back and leg pain. If it is his will to grant me strength so that I may carry my cross in honor of his glory. I have had this illness for many a year along with two back surgeries and it is not getting better only worse it seems. I want to be able to help with my grandchildren, cook, clean and work around my pain but right now I am not able too, due to how constant it has become.

I pray that God grants me healing only if it is his will and also grants me the strength and courage I need to live out my life as only he wills it. I pray for guidance and pray St.Joseph hears my request. GOD BLESS EVERYONE

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