St Joseph, pray for me for a new job.

St. Joseph, I ask for your intercession. Please pray for me so that I can find employment. I was let go by November 2013 only after 6 months. It would seem difficult to find the next one, because of the very short stay at my last job. Also another former boss would not give me enthusiastic recommendations.

I somehow feel that these were roadblocks for finding the next one. Also this affected my confidence. St. Joseph, please intercede for me that any obstacles be cleared, that I may find opportunities, where I can apply. Also I ask for your intercession that in my next job, I would have the strong mind, so that I can fully perform with the best of my abilities. I pray that I may enjoy this next job, and I would love going to work everyday.

I pray that the job will be stable and secure, where I can stay for about 5 or more years. I pray that the people I will work with are really good people. I pray for the best for my future and my family’s. Thank you very much St. Joseph.

St. Joseph Pray for Us.

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