St. Joseph Please Sell Our Home Fast

by Pat (Litchfield, MN. Meeker)

St. Joseph, Please sell our house fast. We buried a statue in the past and do not have another one. We have been trying to sell our house for many years.

Please send us a buyer for our home with a successful closing very, very soon, so we can buy the place we have finally found that will help me start my small non profit bussiness of gentle teaching and training of dogs and horses and pet therapy. I have prayed so hard for so long. Thank you for all that I have and all that I have found on training animals with gentling methods. I so need this dream to come true. I have had very specific training and I have been very depressed and our financial burdens continue to raise while living here in this house.

I am grateful for this beautiful home we have it has brought us many special memories. But it is time to let another family live here and be happy here and find new memories.

I have prayed so hard for this home to sell and for us to find a smaller home, with more acres for our horses, and an indoor arena to start my therapy animal and training playground for animals.

I need this miracle in my life before the other home sells. I need my house sold so I can move on with a new life and financial burdens lifted off my shoulders and before my husband has to do a not of strenuous work making a building we have into a training center it will never be what I rally need but close.

Please help my son and my daughter sell their homes when they need to also. Amen thank you