St. Joseph please prayer for my husband and i

Dear St. Joseph please prayer for my husband and i in our difficult financial situation. He is a very hard worker yet we can’t make ends meet. After raising four children, he always provided and saw to it that we had all we needed. Now that they are grown and on their own we are left with very little, we devoted it all to them. My husband insisted that I remain a stay at home mom to be there for the children and take care of them.

We struggled but we always saw to it that they had everything with in our means to give them and gave up so much for ourselves. We do not regret our decision, but we now realize that we have many debts left to deal with. We tried so very hard, and now that we are older we we have hoped to have a little to share with each other and do things as a couple, as we started our family a year after we were married. Now 30 years later we are struggling, to make ends meet. We love our children very much, and do not regret things we have done for them.

I feel so sorry for my husband, as he works so hard and I can see it in his eyes that he wishes we had just enough to keep up with bills and loans without trying to figure out every month how to make ends meet. We are not asking for millions, just enough to get by and enjoy some of our elderly years together as a couple. Please St. Joseph take our prayers to the Lord, we humbly and urgently ask this in your name.

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