St. Joseph, Please help us sell our home quickly

Dear St. Joseph, I pray to you to intercede on my behalf to our heavenly father to help us sell our home quickly. Please ask him to send us a buyer quickly and let the process go smoothly. As you know, this has been weighing on me for weeks. Please lift this burden off my shoulders so that I can focus on the future.

Thank you for giving my family the great years in our current home. We love it and will desperately miss it, but with life come changes. Please help us to sell our home so I can keep our family together and bring our new baby into our new home. Also, I want to pray for the elderly couple we are wanting to purchase our new home from.

Thank you for giving them the trust in us to sell our home in a timely manner. Please help us to uphold our agreement to sell our home quickly so they can have peace knowing that a caring family will be living in their home and so we do not let them down.

Please St. Joseph, I ask you to intercede on my behalf to our father to help sell our house very quickly. Amen.

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