St. Joseph, please help me to keep my job.

by Philip (Belleville, Illinois)

St. Joseph, beloved husband of the Virgin Mary, Earthly Father of Our Savior Jesus,

As a husband and father, I humbly ask for your intercession on behalf of my family. Please pray with me to Almighty God and our Blessed Savior Jesus they they grant their continued protection and blessings to my wife and sons by helping me to keep my job which I fear I am in danger of losing.

Please ask them that they forgive me all the times that I have failed to work as hard as I could. Ask them rather to look with mercy upon the need of my family who would suffer greatly if I were out of work. Tell them I promise to put forth my best efforts each day for the sake of my family and to glorify and give thanks to God and Jesus for their mercy and compassion.

Please ask God & Jesus that they lend me their peace, take away my anxiety, and help me to remain patient and keep strong in my faith especially through this difficult time.

St. Joseph, thank you for hearing my prayer and for your powerful intercession for my family.

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