St Joseph Miracle Prayer

by LNLN (Sad Place)

Dear St Joseph,

Please help me, my whole life is a mess. I feel unloved and uncared for. My mother and my sister have turned their back on me. My boyfriend broke up with me 8 months ago and refuses to speak to me and I never got a chance to have closure. My entire personal life is a mess I go months at a time without human contact, not a hug, a caress nothing. It is very starnge to live in a world that u feel is leaving u out. I have no job, I have no money. I am now living with my mother. This has put a strain on us to where I wont even eat.

I have not eaten in 3 days one bc I have gained so much weight from this depression, I feel horrible. Secondly since I live with my mother and she is angry at me I refuse to leave my bedroom. I feel as if I am in a prison but physically and mentally.

There is not one thing in my life I feel is worth living for. I just received a statue of you. I have to admit I did not know much of your miracles but I will b ur faithful servant. I ask this in Jesus name…

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  1. St Joseph prayer miracle

    Keep praying to St. Joseph and never lose faith even if you do not see, hear or feel differently because changes are happening that we cannot even comprehend. Love your sister in Christ.

  2. to: LNLN

    know that St.Joseph is your foster father. He will watch over you always,as he did jesus. ask him to come into your life and guide you with everything.ST.Joseph will not abandon you ever,I promise.I have placed him in charge of my life and I know he is there. I will pray for you and your family to heal.ask the bleesed virgin to help as well she is our heavenly mother. With St.Joseph as your heavenly father and Mary as your mother you will never be alone.they will protect and guide you always.

  3. To LNLN

    Hi LNLN, you are not alone. I read your post and can relate to how you feel. I go through stages where I feel so alone as though I cannot speak to anyone or have any human contact. Today Saint Joseph changed my life. I have not loved my life as a very Religious person, so if he helped me, he will help anyone. I said the 9 day Novena to him and he changed my life. I wont go into detail – but today I found out that every detail I prayed for has been answered. A complete Miracle. You are not alone. I hope things get better for you. What country are you in ?

  4. Job, husband, House

    Dear St Joseph,

    Give me job, I am un employment today, My husband really mad with me and not love me anymore. I am useless. He just want to do what he wants/ desire for his ego. Protect my house. Today he call realtor to sell our house. Protect my house God. This is the house for my family. but he doesn’t care. St Joseph help us.
    Protect my house. I want to stay here. I need the house and easiest me to go to church.
    Come to help us. Give me good friends who help me and give me holy person also. Bless my son and bring back my husband become good again. Destroy all evil spirit and give peace and bless for our family.
    Thank you God.

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