St. Joseph, I Praye for all who are looking for work

by Kevin (Connecticut)

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I Love You Father God, I Love You Jesus, And I love You, Holy Spirit! And I Love You, Blessed St. Joseph!

I have a job and benefits. I am very, very blessed and very, very thankful for my job. In this economy, so many are without work, without food, without shelter, and I pray with LOVE for all of them. I ask your intervention, loving St. Joseph, for all who are looking for work, and all who need help. I know I must bear my cross without complaint, and with my job, I know I am blessed and thankful. But my job is wearing me out. My place of work, there are so many bosses, but no leaders. My job description is extremely long and their is no guidance on what I am supposed to do. The work is very hard, very stressful, very physical, and low paid for the amount of responsibility that me and my coworkers have dumped on us.

Again, that’s better than not having a job at all. I love my family, pets, I have shelter, clothes, and food. I love the beauty of God’s creation. But I need to move to a better job and because of my burnout, just don’t know where to start. Again, Please Forgive me, oh Loving Lord, for complaining. I must bear my cross and must be grateful. But if you could help me find a better job I would be very thankful! I love You God! I Love You Jesus! I Love You Lord! I love You Blessed Trinity! I love you Blessed Virgin Mother Mary! And I Love You Blessed St. Joseph! In Jesus Christ’ Holy, Loving, Blessed Name, Amen

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