St Joseph help me sell my house

by Kerry (United Kingdom)

Dear St Joseph, I ask with genuine sincerity and need that you help me sell my house. I have been trying to sell it for nearly a year and I am in negative equity so need to sell it at a good price to help me and family financially. I had to flee the house because of a neighbour who was aggressive and harrassed me.

I currently live in my family home. But I am desperate to move on and start afresh in a new home away from the bad experiences of the past. I also left my ex partner of 5 years and had to return to the house im selling …so the time spent there is full of sadness, anxiety and loneliness. Therefore I am desperate to start again, be happy and put the past behind me but I need to sell the house and get away from that area. I have had lots of bad luck with house, so if i can sell at a good price this will bring closure to a deeply upsetting time of my life.

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