St Joseph, grant me the wisdom to turn my life around

Please St Joseph,I ask your intercession on my behalf. I am at my wits end & have no idea where to go or what to do next. I need a stable loving peaceful home in a place I am happy with great neighbours & a supportive community in which I can be an active part, regular income & resources to keep my home & to allow me the time and space to continue my work in ease & peace & grace, to be well & fairly & quickly paid for all my work to date & for the work that is in progress & for all future work & that my work brings grace peace & joy to me & to all who interact with me, a sacred loving relationship with a good kind loving man & father of my children, financial security & savings or investments which will keep me when I get older, spiritual & loving friends & fun social interaction, peace within my self & my family & within my world.

If there is something I can do to assist myself please make it clear and obvious so that I may help myself as much as possible & do what I can for myself here on earth. I have tried everything I know already so your wisdom & guidance will be most welcome & obeyed.

I place myself in your hands. May God grant my prayers through St Joseph. Thank you for helping me in these ways. Amen.

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  1. Please guide me

    Please, St. Joseph. I did all I could, yet I don’t know why the rug was pulled from under me.
    I wish to help, to contribute. But they shunned me and took my self respect and humiliated me.
    I waited to ask what they needed, and they never told. I wanted to comply, but they never spoke.
    Why do they have so much power?
    So much comfort? So much security? Why don’t they like other human beings?
    Please give me peace. please give me comfort. please give me strength. Please give me hope.

    Please help those who help me. Please help me repay for their loving support.
    Please lead us all to salvation and peace of mind.
    Please be with me through these tough times and help me make the right decisions. Please enlighten me. I am trying to walk through a dark and lonely tunnel. I cannot see the exit. Please show it to me. I am willing to change. Give me a sign. A nudge. Help me not hesitate. Help me be unafraid. Tell me I’m going the right path, or the wrong path. Tell me something. Give me a sign.
    I need someone to talk to. I need someone. Amen.

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