St Frances of Rome You suffered greatly yet still lived a life of charity and goodwill

Saint Frances of Rome,

You suffered greatly yet still lived a life of charity and goodwill, never putting yourself before others or the lord. You struggled at times, but your will to do only good by others and the love you had for gods grace pulled your through and allowed you to be brave enough to sacrifice, influence and give. Your kindness, charity and pure heart was a blessing to the world. I come to you Today as the patron saint of drivers, to ask your help in passing my driving test, be it pleasing to god. I, like you once were, am not entirely sure which direction I should be taking in life or what my true purpose is but I do promise to live with only more love for others and will endeavour to lie truly to my word, spreading awareness of your name and your charitable ways and allow you to still influence and inspire others to do only good.

I pray for your blessing, and may you grant me the courage to embrace any challenge that comes my way, now or in the future.

St Frances of Rome, help us to see the difference between what we want to do and what God wants us to do. Help us to discern what comes from our will and what comes from God’s desire. Amen

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