Spiritual Transformation

by Helena ()

Please pray that my Friends Will open their hearts to Jesus. They believe that if the pandemic promotes an outcome they desire, even if evil human manipulation is involved, they are ok with everything that has taken place this year. I’m deeply saddened as this type of belief is far from the Love of Jesus. Please God, Work in their lives to show them, to humble them, to bring them to you. To allow them to see the truth. Amen. My prayer is that Jesus will protect the Leaders that support Christ and all of the beauty and Grace that Christ provides for the USA. The USA is a country where people have learned to love and respect one another even with many differences, we have learned to love. Jesus please abolish those who wish to destroy the core foundation of Respect that our country has shed human blood, sweat, and tears to build in the image of God’s beauty. We pray to move forward in God’s love in our country and in the world! Please God, preserve all of the great works that have been done by those people with hearts and souls embraced by your strength and Grace. Jesus we know you are the almighty and the answer to a divine life, heart, mind, and soul. The creator of heaven and earth. The truth, the way, the light, the way to eternal life. Amen.

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