Spiritual Cleansing / Deliverance

by John L ()

I am going thru a terrible time right now in my life and on a roller coaster with God. For a while I’ve was walking and talking and studying the scriptures with God thru use of His Word and had been praying alot quietly within myself in my mind and also voicing my prayers outloud as I went on walks and even praying in the Spirit thru use of my personal prayer language in an unknown tongue. I feel as though my prayers are not being answered. I know that I am a sinner and fall short way to often and am inadequate of staying out of sin. Wish I was not. I have struggled my whole life with pornography, sexual immorality, lust, gambling addiction, alcoholism, all of which has caused me to pack up leave my wife of 30 years and be joined with another woman of whom I dearly love that I have now been with for the last 4 years. Finally my wife of 30 years served me with divorce papers since I dragged my feet in honoring her with one from myself. I wasn’t faithful to her at all. I was addicted to pornography and was always lustful and even cheated on her not only in my heart and eyes but physically with other women. I got caught up with gambling and have lost every available dollar to my name and am now being drawn into divorce court where a judge has awarded her an exuberant amount of allimony that I cannot pay. I have given my income and expense statements to the court showing my current status but they still are requiring me to pay more than I am capable of paying. They are fixing to garnish my pay of which what is left isn’t enough to make all my financial obligations. Anyhow, I have prayed for forgivness of all my sin and continue to do so and have asked for deliverance from all of this mess. I only want to do what is fair and just by her and clean up my walk with the Lord. I am searching diligently for peace in all of this. Guess what I want from you is for you to diligently pray with me over this and ask God not only to deliver me from this situation but deliver me from all of my sinful nature and restore my relationship with Him and give me the ability to serve Him with all my heart and soul for the rest of my life.

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