Special Prayer for my Family and world

by Prayers Admin ()

Please pray Manipur India violence Christians attacked, houses churches burnt, killings, Prime minister Modi least bothered, 7 yrs globe trotting happily, hugging other nations leaders, glorifying himself promoting satanic yoga world over. enjoying life at indian nation cost, devising laws to harass connivance RSS, Bajrang dhal and BJP agenda to eliminate Christianity and innocent people. Hills in Manipur contain hidden tons of nickel, copper, platinum which bjp wants to grab enrichen themselves and their most favorite Adani company entire vast land free for Palmolen oil and drive out the poorest people living there. Disgusting.
Pray daughter Asmitha in oz for safe travel church group europe, rome, etc. July 20 to August 5th . Peace with rental owner Janet n keeper, safe interview permanent job, shockingly denied in present organization, discrimination by Melisa Parrington, Sam Byron, when she excels, efficiency, as Melisa intends not to renew contract and Asmitha In panic, fetch another job.Pl pray shes protected, blessed with new permanent safe job.

Pray new accommodation she acquired loan basis peaceful safe, good reliable tenants, ability repay loan, cook meals, breakfast, healed, protected, all her undertakings blest for glory of God, Amen.Pray for my good health, welfare, safety in Jesus name.

Please pray 40 yrs age desperate son Alroyd left catholic faith, home, married Moslem shaista convert Islam thro zubeda her mother, Gladys pinto, fake witnesses renamed him as Mohammad, (date birth changed by aveena’s bro Alex) 3 daughters, 2 yr. Son, housebreaking stealing, sending police my home, turned pauper, windfall gains from family, filed court cases against me, daughter since 5 years thro adv. Sheila Caeiro, Agnella, Janet, threatening removal Ashmita job, extradition, tearing us tears making lives miserable,. after long time got job, threatening n harassing, Pl pray deliverance.
May Almighty in Jesus Christ, deliver evils, curses, family properties settled justly, evasive fraud builders Allaudin Altab, lawyer Iniath, usurped, already cheated by Anthony under guise payment engineers, died covit when we desperately need homes justly by God Almighty, in Jesus name I pray.

Pray Alroyd misled by unknown individuals, lives honestly, responsibly, blest permanent job, entire Moslem family members surrenders to Jesus Christ, attend holy mass, Confession, grow spiritually, financially strong, support family, that Aamena eldest daughter is comfortable in school, career, also Zara, Mahinoor, boy child, zarka education, live God fearing lives in Jesus name I pray. AMEN.

Forgiveness late wife Aveena, her parents Fausta, Assumption, during my overseas job, cursings, abortions, unhealthy relations, abandoned family, coming late nights, leaving children hungry, misguided alroyd in job, stopped family rosary, lent monies secretly, got cheated, left family bankrupt, died in shock for Alroyd married moslem gal by support Gladys Pinto, Agnela, Janet, Kundu, Minoo, Mathilda, Imran, Fausta Assumption Martins, John Andrade) forgiven sins, amen.

That all family members be repentant, forgiveness in jesus name return to Jesus Christ, delivered Aveena curses “you will never do good in life”, divorce demands, maintenance, affecting daughter Asmita, Alroyd, me that I lose job, have cancer, TB. Deliverance from curses, healed, that Alroyd be blest with permanent job, children upbringing in Jesus Christ amen.

Repentance, forgiveness deliverance of eldest 76 yrs Josephine to parents expired, late hubby Patrick, in-laws, rebellious lazy 15 years unemployed son Linus, daughter Lourdes, sincerely recite daily family rosary, attends holy mass, visit blessed sacrament, responsible, diligent job search, blest in Jesus name.

Deliverance, healing jobless, alcoholic Alfred fits, diabetes, stealing, violent, attends church activities, good friends, healing of wife Apoline vertigo, protected, travel, son joyal fares well college studies, that he devotes study. Healing neighbor Anthony, 2 daughters.

That our residence, Ave Maria delivered of evils, fraud, dictatorial attitude Hanif, Sherry, Ronaldo, Paul prev. Committee 7 yrs now replaced, yet facing harm, threats. That statue Ave Maria statue be installed dedicated, in Jesus name, I pray.
Dat my Goa piece land gogol with good intention given to builders Allaudin Altab Antony in good deal turned sour being usurped under deceit 5 years not honored but cheated me of my hard money in Jesus name be restored and paid in full without fraud, threat. Harm, safety to life in Jesus name I pray.

Yet another Hemraj, Ramdevji taken over Hindu fanatics, sachin badriya, kharwa shikshan, negligent care to Christians, evict and usurp our homes. Pray deliverance from threats, negligence repairs, endangering life, limbs, misuse funds taken from charity org in our names, inspite dangers floor between us collapse, seriously injure, kill us, giving deaf ears, that we be protected, in Jesus name .

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