SOS Prayer

(Denver, Colorado)

I have come to the right place Lord, I have come to you. No need to ask where or what I need to do or go first, first I must come to you and allow you to guide me…so here I am lord. I thank you for all that you have done for me, all the blessings you have and will do for all of us. I ask that you answer everyones prayer that has posted here, they are where I am and seeking answers. I pray that you touch them and that your will, will be done and that there is understanding, clarity and peace. I ask that you continue to bless us. Lord I am in need of financial blessings, blessings that will heel my body and my finances so that I may do God’s work. I want to be closer to you, to put into actions, deeds that will work with my faith. I pray that my husband will have faith that will work with his deeds and match his ever-loving heart. I ask for healing in my family, my body, and deliverances from our vices, that my children get the help they need, that my son releases his desires for drugs and alcohol and continues to pursue the relationship with you that he has recently began to recognize. I ask for continued blessing for all my family. I will wait as you have instructed, but please strengthen me with patience as I wait and to allow you to fight my battles. I ask for financial blessing so we may move closer to my sons school in hopes of releiving the stress, but as always you know what we want better then we do, so I ask for understanding, and a peaceful heart. My heart is troubled o Lord, with financial woes, please bless us so that we may have reliable cars to get to work and/or to help each other with driving and to do family things. Please help us lord. I have stuggled for so long and there is nothing left for me, everything is in your hands, I give it to you, I trust and have faith in you, you have always known what is best for me and my family, even better than we do and I trust that. I’m just tired now, give us strength, understanding….It’s difficult to pray for money when you have blessed us in so many ways…you have always been on time, I’m just tired now. I trust in what you have given me, the heart you have given me, the faith you have given me, the family you have given me, the love and grace you have given me….please forgive me of my sins, please help me to be free of debt, please help me carry this load, my back is breaking, I’m so tired. Please help to make sure the car my co-worker recently purchase is and continues to be reliable, I understand her need. It’s not easy…life is not always easy I am just thankful for all that you have given me and all that you have reserved for me. I am thankful for the wisdom you have given me….it is wise to seek you. I am seeking you and seeking your finanacial and physical blessings. Just please help us. Thank you in your blessed name I pray. — AMEN

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