sorrow that never ends why lord

Heavenly father god my heart is broken im soo sad I can’t see the light at the only getting worse and my children are suffering why them.

I’m completely torn apart lost and drowning in pain please will someone anyone help me give me answers I must know why im the endless target for pain lies and infidelity. I’m a good girl.

And know im filled with poisen ..
Pain.. Empty belief that I am not alone please help me.

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  1. God Loves you

    I am going through struggles everyday so I can relate to how you may feel, but what keeps me going everyday is that Jesus Christ the Son of God and God Himself the Lord of the Universe LOVES ME! HE LOVES YOU AND ME AND ALL OF US!!! Always remember. He only gives those he believes are strong enough to handle problems like these, I’m telling you! Don’t give up! Don’t you want to say that your a fighter for Jesus Christ! I know I do! Everyday Im proud that I can say that! Not many can! Look how amazingly unique you are and whenever your down PRAY! Just pray! It truly helps i can swear by it! Whenever I need help I will always say a small prayer or even a long one and I can always instantly feel better! Its like a pick me up! Please Child of God stay strong and dont give up! We need you! You need to make it to Heaven to see your Creator! God Is AWESOME!!!

  2. Sending up prayers

    I understand what you are going through. I suffer from manic depression and have asked many times why me? But our God is stronger than anything we endure here on earth. We must know this and have faith in him. We must comfort each other and read our bible for comfort as well. My heart goes out to you and my prayers are going up. Just keep hanging on. Sometimes healing comes through tears and trails of this life lead us down paths we need to be on.


    God only gives the strong these challenges because believe it or not you are strong. Take each day as it comes and at the end of that day reflect on what you have achieved.Sometimes just getting through that day is an achievement. your still standing learn from your experiences so you may help others and by helping others that will help you i’ve been there and still am there.

  4. Prayer request

    My fellow brothers and sisters of God I need help.Im am doing things that I regret and shouldn’t of dun.I have committed so much sins.I pray for my self every night and I’m always looking for anwsers.I need lots of help so I ask any of y’all to please pray for me.I am begging y’all please help.I need as much help as I can get.please pray.Also pray for the people at my school.They have also dun some really bad things but were human so were gunna sin and make mistakes.I want a better future then what are world is headed to.lets turn this generation into something holly

  5. You are not alone

    I just want to say that you are not alone in this sorrow that never ends and I too have seeked the Lord for guidence in the resent days. I lost my Mother 23 years ago and when she passed I was 19 and felt like I passed with her. My father was abusive to her their entire 29 years togther and when she passed she was at home. He had them come take her body. I kissed her good bye just before they closed her body bag. So, I never had a chance to realize her being gone. there was no service so that was the last I ever got to say good bye. I took her ashes and put them on the headbord of my bed. When I came home one night from work she was gone he had dumped her ashes in the flower beds. The property was sold and there she was all alone this haunted me my entire life. I am praying every day that the Lord helps me to forgive my father who has also passed now. I long to find piece and happiness again and with the Lord I know I will. Please don’t give up. Stand up get the power in you and pray for strength. I will pray for you as well as for me for healing and happiness.
    God bless you!

  6. Believe in Angels

    Believe in your guardian angel. Your angel is with you at all times no matter what you are going through. It is true in your hardest time if you see one set of footprints you are not alone God, is carrying you when you see only one set of footprints. Be strong have faith and at the sametime have faith for me too.I also need strenght especially during Christmas time. I don’t have my son, my mother,my brother so that is hard for me. Please pray for me for I also need strength through this time. God Bless You All for I will be praying for you all and for myself

  7. not alone

    I read your prayer. I read the other comments. My heart goes out to you. It is hard to wrap our mind around why bad stuff happens. It is actually impossible for me to understand it. I try really hard, I pray and believe. I don’t doubt that God hears me and then just when it looks like it is all gonna be better “wham” I not only get knocked down but further down than before. However, I am beginning to understand that the harder life becomes , the harder I pray and cry out to Jesus for help. I get just enough strength for one more day.

    Your heart is broken. I am so sorry. I will stand in the gap for you. Just remember some somewhere is praying for you . You are not alone. Your children will be prayed for and I will pray that you grow in wisdom to make the right choices and strength to press on.

  8. just hold on..

    i know we are on the same boat…trying to paddle the waves in our life..I know God is always there to keep us balance not to sink and drown..amen for us,,,

  9. You have someone that loves you!

    I am sorry you feel so much sorrow. I know that sometimes you feel like you are all alone, but you mention that you have children; through them God has provided the love you need to heal your broken heart. God is there waiting for you to trust him. I will keep you in my prayers,so that God can give you strength.

  10. Prayer for Love


    I’m so sorry you’re having such a hard time and feel so heartbroken. Please know that you’re not alone, even if it feels that way. Even during the darkest times, we are surrounded by love, we just can’t always feel it. Have faith that this time will soon end and trust that God is sending his angels to comfort you and lift you up. Sometimes angels come in forms we don’t expect, so be open to help offered by others.

    I am not sure what problems you are experiencing, but there is always hope and always help out there so don’t give up! Continue to reach out to others and reach up to God and you will find answers. If you are struggling with relationship issues, you may want to speak to a spiritual guide (depending upon your faith that may be a priest/rabbi/minister/etc.), counselor, or support group. Often, there are free services available that can really help.

    I’m praying for you! May you be blessed with love, serenity, courage, and wisdom. May you feel the love God has for you and know you are precious and have great worth. May your children feel protected, safe, happy, and loved. May your relationship be respectful, loving, supportive, and faithful. I pray for these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  11. God's first

    I have been through this same thing recently and i realized that the only reason i was hurting so badly is because god was not first in my relationship bye putting loved one’s before god we are idolizing them which is asking for failure because people will most likely always let us down our lord god will never falter or go astray the one love we can always count on to be there no matter what may happen so stay strong and pray to the almighty lord and let him shower you with his love.

  12. be brave choose courage

    You are a selfless fallen angel trying to earn your wings please don’t give up be strong love always god will bless you he is your creator and father pray to him keep a clean heart and mind please remember don’t keep count do in goodness of heart for the unbearable lonlienrss in .pain music helps writing and praying don’t change yourself for ppl it means you’re giving up gods creative work…

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