Sore throats and chest infections

by jasmina ()

My flatmate and I both have really bad sore throats, which feel like cutting like a knife with pain. We are both really sick with flue and chest infection and pain all over and tiredness. He doesn’t sleep until 3am. We need to sleep at 12am latest tonight, if not earlier.The cleaner we have here is terrible and not doing her job properly.we also have a chest infection, covid and depression. They have an interview on Monday. I need to start work on Tuesday also and its all very stressful.This house is so filthy I cannot cope. The main flatmate G has taken over the place and he is a pig and a pedophile. He is a killer, I just know it. He’s so mean and Im scared of him. He has caused so much damage to this family. He needs to go. Really, he needs to move out into an elderly home now. He screams and shouts and bullies everyone and goes to I-ching and a witch to curse everyone. He is so wicked. He broke ups family.I really need help to lose weight please. My flatmates are so angry at me and I don’t know why. I need a family please.This place I am living at is so disgusting. I m so scared. I can’t go on. Its so filthy and disgusting and they are so mean about it.I am homeless and I need help. The cleaner is here and she is doing a terrible job. I hate living like this. I need peace with my flatmates. I am so depressed as they don’t clean and have filthy shoes and drop tissues everywhere. I really need help to put up with this situation, they are horrible men and I need a way out. I have no money and nowhere to go. Thankyou,

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