sore throat 10+ times in a year

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Hi, I need your prayers so I can be safe from drugs side effects especially antibiotics and head drugs. Between 2019 and 2020 I had sore throat more than 11 times and my doctor told me if I don’t stop taking sore throat drugs they will kill me but I need to take sore throat drugs to be safe from rheumatic fever. I don’t know why I had sore throat 10 times or more just in one year but most likely it’s because of second hand smoking or head drugs (it’s a long story, I was forced to take head drugs by my mother).

My doctor prescribed to me a medicine from a notorious brand (the brand has a syrup that causes cancer according to a newspaper) I told the pharmacist but she said who told you that? and I was forced to buy it because of prescription even though I told the doctor not to prescribe it to me but I don’t know if the drug is notorious like the their syrup and it didn’t help me last week and now I have to take it again because I bought it and to be safe from rheumatic fever.

I have chest pain, cold, fever and waxy ears and runny nose and paranoid thoughts.

I just finished my last antibiotic 3 or 2 days ago but now I need to take another antibiotic because of the doctor prescription today. Please pray for me to be healthy and to get rid of sore throat at least for a very long time not every few days or two weeks, I’m tired of taking drugs all the time and worried about side effects because of over-taking them for a year .

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