Son’s custody battle

by Vickie ()

My son has permanent full custody of his 11 year old son and has had it for three years. The child’s mom was addicted to drugs and she has completed drug court this month. She wants to share custody 50/50. Which they had joint before she was arrested and my son only got every other oweekend and every other Wednesday and Thursday they split holidays birthdays and he was suppose to get three weeks in summer but we had to call the law on her all the time cause she would not go by the agreement he did not get his three weeks in the summer and where fighting her when she got arrested so he got his do. Anyway this is the second time she had lost custody the first time was for eighteen months and my son only had temporary full custody the reason he got full this time is she never showed up for court she was high. The child is afraid of his mom cause he was with her three years ago when she passed out and had a wreck with him and his month old sister in her Car. He wants to see her some he said every few weeks and does not want to spend the night at all my son is s good dad and they live with us we need prayers that the court will not take his full custody away and see that my grandchild needs to stay with his dad and only see his mom every other weekend for about 4 to 6 hours until the child gets use to her again he is uncomfortable being alone with her and he has not spent the night it been around her much in three years he needs time to get use to the fact of being with her again and getting to know her again she is going to try and bring up things about our family that will hurt the child please please lord he needs to stay with his father and the courts need to move slowly with this so he can adjust accordingly I pray for my grandchild to stay with his father and see her on a schedule of every other weekend for four hours and add more time in about four month intervals dont let them take this child out of a loving and safe environment he has known for three years and put him in an environment he does not want to be in and does not feel safe

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