Son lost

by Brian ()

My son has been saved and baptised, but has not been walking in the spirit as you know Lord. I had turned my back on you as well, but you have forgiven me and restored my sanity gave me the strength to use the tools you have given us all to deal with any situation. Although I turned my back on you Lord thank you for never giving up on me, forgiving me, and blessing me with your grace and mercy. My faith is undeniable, I know faith without works is dead. Although I still fall short I am working harder than ever to fully submit to you giving you full control to do your will and not mine or others. Lord I pray today that you give my son not only comfort in his troubled times, but strength, faith, and a solution to his issues. Forgive me for not being the best man of God I could be and continuing to teach him you are the only way. Mostly by example, as you know i’ve drawn closer to you than ever now, and your blessings and lessons have been abundant. I humbly pray that you give me the answer, courage, and strength to guide him through this time when he is letting satan hurdles stumble him and pull him from focusing on you. I pray you dont have to let him suffer as you did me to teach him this truth. I pray he gains the hunger to draw nearer to you like I have and that he realizes this and fights through this storm with you lighting his way, protecting him, and giving me the wisdom and strength to follow your path for me, and help light his path you have for him at the same time. You know the outcome before i pray Lord, so however things happen I shall not fear or fall short in my obediance to you no matter how tough it gets. For I know you have control even though we have the free will you gave us. Forgive me of my many shortcomings as I strive to work harder every day for Christians never retire we increase our work to complete yours. You gave your only son for me and the world to be saved. God forbid I ever loose focus of that another day, ever, I give you my life to do your will for all my days as my unworthy thanks for such a loving sacrifice you gave for me. I will handle this as you guide me and help me guide him. In Jesus holy name I pray. Amen.

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