~Sometimes I wonder who is worse in this homeless place ~ some staff or other guests.~

by Darla ()

I am utterly fed up of trying to cope with people around here ~ I do cope but there are the insensitive staff who seem to be trying to push my buttons most of the time and do things to bother me as a kind of test,like I’ve just realised how insensitive the night staff person was last night coming around to my doorstep and conversing within earshot of other homeless guests about how there was nobody in directly upstairs to cause a noise nuisance problem,except I didn’t say it was directly and I didn’t actually complain and ask him to come around and stop it,my messages were to just make him aware of it so then the ignoramus deliberately came around and said on my doorstep that the other security/night staff person said there was nobody directly upstairs but he will make him aware the point being that the people who are making the noise are probably listening to every word we are saying! Plus he’s disturbing me for no good reason when I’m busy and it’s past my relaxation time and I need to go to bed and sleep. I need to get my free t shirt,photo ID and other stuff and get out of here Lord.Amen.

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