Something’s wrong

by X ()

Something has felt incredibly wrong in my head and my heart for a long time now and I feel like I’m not really breathing more and more often these days and I’m certain I have some sort of mental disorder or two and something’s just… wrong.
and I feel so sick.
but in my head.

Oh and uh thank you for reading this, I’m going to pray for you too even though I don’t know you.

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  1. I’m praying for you too

    Be mindful
    Repeat I know what I feel is is not quit right but I don’t depent on my feelings alone
    Lord I trust you you wire me
    I trust you and you got this
    I trust you allow me to get out of my self and pore my blessings into some one else
    I know you got me
    Who would you like me to bless
    The usually take the focus of me
    God is faithful he make you sometimes you have to meme sure you are not contradicting medication too or taking medicine backwards
    I was taking medicine backwards
    Because I was forgetting to take it at night it was easy for me to take it in the morning and I notice stop my hole day I was a complete mess
    I hear this lady saying some has having headaches because was taking the wrong herbs
    Please sometimes we are using wrong what it was meat for our good the wrong way all I’m saying use a jurnal to write your your day and cheek list maybe you find you are taking something that contradicts with a medication or even food you are maybe allergic and you did not even know
    Hope you everything work out for you soon

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