someone to care lost and alone

by Benn Douglas Roberts (QLD / Australia)

dear lord I hope some person out there has the time to sit with me and have a look at want I’m trying so hard to create and point me I in the direction I wish to go in order to for fill me dreams and goals and not to turn the other way because I’m to much to handle or think I’m moving to fast and they can’t keep up with my me or something along those lines!!! I hate myself that much and that lost I’m just waiting for the next thing that you put in my way so I can’t move forward with my life and just keep running around in circles. but I have no to blame but myself for the way thing have turned out. don’t what I have done to keep on losing every thing I ever loved,up to about round 7 now so please I’m sore you have better thing to do and leave me alone or a second so I can grow and find away out of this and hopefully find a map or a person that is willing to give a hand and not so they can profit or want something out of it. Just a because they can would be nice. thanks your lost soul Benny Roberts.amen