Somebody has to say the TRUE TRUTH!

by Gabriel ()

This as he calls himself/itself YHVH true GOD claims to be a JUST GOD, and that he has NO FAVORITES. He also claims that justice is to be QUICK. He also says that he will REPAY severe sinners like rapeists, murderers, petafiles and the like. So WHERE is this SUPPOSED QUICK IMMEDIATE JUSTICE HE BY HIS HANDS IS SUPPOSED TO DELIVER? You know that there are serial Rapeists/Murderers/Terrorists that have lived well into their hundreds, and have NEVER been sick a day in their lives. They have allways had plenty of money. They have large families. They NEVER look over their shoulders or suffer any kind of fear, or even have any form of consience. Many of them BELIEVE that this is all that there is and there is NO LIFE after you die and even if there is, they dont want it if they cant continue to live the way they lived in the flesh. So those extreme criminals have LITERALLY GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT. God said in Ezekiel that Satan would be turned to ashes from within and so will all those that choose his side. So since that means that there is NO ETERNAL HELL OF SUFFERING, the wicked men have GOTTEN AWAY WITH ALL THEIR WICKEDNESS UNSCATHED. Since in their earthly lives they raped, murdered and petafiled their many victims to only be taken out of existance. Where is this justice? IF it does NOT take effect here on earth, then it will NEVER HAPPEN. The rapeist and murderer say one thing. “WE DONT REMEBER EVER HAVING EXISTED PRIOR TO A FEW YEARS AFTER WE WERE BORN, so what does it matter if we enter into the nothingness of not knowing or being able to do nothing once again?”

The funny thing; The petty sinners who try to keep from sinning seem to allways be the ones that are always sick, suffering, without family, or even money. SO where is the justice this GOD proclaims to be dealing out? It seems GOD wants the man that tries to do his best for GOD beaten to death all the days of his short life, and yet wants the evil ones blessed with everything they can get to their full DESIRES. SO much for GOD BEING A JUST GOD!

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