Some help

by Jayne (Belfast)

My mum and ihave had a hard ten yrs, mum is ill and it is hard for us to make ends meet on my pay. I know I shouldn’t pray for finacial help but I look after mum and want to make her life better. She deserves it so much.

Mum got really down last month about our home it was so hard for us to get yet it was being ruined as we couldn;t afford to do anything to it.
I felt so bad that I took a loan to help, all mainstream companies turned me down so I got a loan with 1757% apr.
I can’t afford to pay at that rate and keep mum and I. I am tying main stream lenders now to see if someone can help, that would allow me to pay off the loan from last month and get affordable payments.
Please please pray that a mainstream company accepts me or that we can get some sort of financial help. I will need a miracle here which is why I feel prayer may help.
Thanks so much